City of Amaranthine

Outside of Ferelden, the city of Amaranthine is now synonymous with the arling herself, but before the Orlesian invasion, it was only a modest fishing village despite a deep port well-suited to commerce. At that time, few other kingdoms had any need to trade with the Ferelden “barbarians”.

The city changed rapidly when the Orlesians came. They built temporary docks to accommodate ships packed with chevaliers, and for a time, Amaranthine was the capital of occupied Ferelden. The bann of Amaranthine became one of the wealthiest nobles in the kingdom, as goods like wool were leeched from the city’s swollen ports.

During the liberation, the fleeing Orlesians looted the city but left it otherwise unscarred. She recovered quickly. Ironically, Amaranthine’s prosperity was initially the legacy of Orlesian occupation, however its current economic boom is due to the influx of donations of goodwill and fortune seekers from other nations to Ferelden after the recent exploits of the Warden Commander.

The city is also home to The Chantry of our Lady Redeemer. Thanks to the wealth generated by the city’s land- and sea-going trade, as well as the donations of Andrastrian pilgrims retracing the prophet’s steps, the chantry has become the richest in all of Fereldan. The faithful travel great distances to see the birthplace of Andraste in Denerim, yet many make their pilgrimage longer still by visiting Amaranthine. After all, it was from the city’s port that Maferath and his army departed to invade the Tevinter Imperium, and the Chantry of Our Lady Redeemer now stands on the site where Andraste first revealed the Chant of Light.

City of Amaranthine

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