Thalsian Martel

A human noble within the city of Amaranthine


Thalsian is a human noble within the city of Amaranthine. He welcomed the party into his house when they came to discuss the theft of a prized magical amulet belonging to him.

Thalsian informed the party that he was running for position as the new Bann of the City, but he believed the other 2 candidates, Constable Aidan and Master Kendrick, were better known and better positioned to get it.

On return of his amulet, Thalsian paid a substantially small amount of gold to the party in terms of the items worth, but came to an eventual arrangement whereby he would continue to pay for their stay in the city.

Thalsian has hired Greyhawk company to clear up the criminal gangs in Amaranthine.

Thalsian Martel

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