Octham the Grocer

Human merchant of Octham's Goods

Goods for Sale

Item (Gold Price)

Lvl 1 Burglar’s gloves (360)
Lvl 2 Belt of Vigor (520)
Lvl 2 Bracers of Mighty Striking (520)
Lvl 2 Lesser Badge of the Berserker (520)
Lvl 2 Amulet of Physical Resolve (520)
Lvl 3 Warmages Uniform – Cloth (680)
Lvl 3 Symbol of Hope (holy symbol) (680)
Lvl 3 Boots of Stealth (680)
Lvl 3 Circlet of Second Chances (680)
Lvl 3 Brooch of No Regrets (680)
Lvl 4 Staff of Winter (840)


Octham is a human merchant in the city of Amaranthine who stocks clothes, jewellery and magical items.

The party talked to Octham to try and find out more information on Thalsian’s missing amulet. Octham told them that the item in question looked far more valuable than anything he would sell, and told them it would probably be sold on the black market, in one of the taverns. He then directed them to the Crown and Lion.

Octham the Grocer

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