In the absence of light, shadows thrive
- Canticle of Threnodies 8:21

Ferelden should have fallen.

The death of the King at the Battle of Ostagar threw the land into political turmoil on the brink of civil war, consequence of betrayal by the King’s most trusted General, Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir. The Grey Warden force of Ferelden lay annilated, even as the encroaching menace of the darkspawn horde crept over the lands to the south, destroying and corrupting all that lay in its path. All hope would have been lost…if not for the Hero of Ferelden.

Utilising old treatise with the dwarves of Orzammar, dalish elves and the Circle of Magi, the Hero of Ferelden forged together an unlikely alliance, exposed the actions of Teyrn Loghain, and united the land together as one to fight the Archdemon and defeat the blight before it could truly begin. As a reward, the Hero of Ferelden was given the arling of Amaranthine as a gift from the new monarch to the Grey Wardens, from which the warden could rebuild the Order’s presence in the Kingdom as Commander.

There the story should have ended. With no Archdemon to lead them, the routed darkspawn should have retreated back into the Deep Roads, into the underdark. Instead a new, terrifyingly sapient darkspawn threat assaulted the Warden’s new home of Vigil’s keep, obliterating their fledgling force. The Warden Commander began the monumental task of rebuilding the order and the Keep, while hunting down the new threat to the wardens, their home and the arling. When the darkspawn force attacked the city to which the arling owed its name, the Warden leader raced there, only to find the city all but lost, and another force of darkspawn on the move to lay siege to Vigils Keep. However, although urged to return to Vigils Keep and protect what they had, the Warden Commander did not lose hope on saving the city, and although heavily outnumbered, rescued Amaranthine from the darkspawn menace. However, the victory at Amaranthine came at a great price. Although the Grey Warden fortress held against the darkspawn horde for many days, they eventually broke upon her walls, and although the soldiers fought hard and well, their casualties were great.

When the heroism of the warden at Amaranthine and the magnitude of the losses at Vigils Keep came to light, sympathy drove generous donations from all over Ferelden and other nations into the region’s coffers. This has led to a rapid restoration of Amaranthine and its surrounding lands in an economic boom, attracting many to the province, either to find a new start in life, share in the new found wealth of the region, or fight under the stewardship of a living legend.

Nevertheless, this peace and prosperity will last only so long, and even now the shadows harbor new threats. New heroes must emerge to meet these challenges.

This is their story…

Dragon Age Origins: Shadow of the Blight

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